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Playground Turf — Kid-Safe Play Area Ground Cover

Artificial grass for playgrounds and play areas is one of the best investments you can make in the safety and happiness of your children!
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Professionally Installed Artificial Turf Playgrounds & Play Areas

We use only the best synthetic turf products to protect your children while they run and play. Our turf is lush, soft, realistic, and requires little maintenance and our professional turf installation crews each have decades of combined experience. You can rest assured that only the best turf installers in Texas will be handling your backyard playground turf installation.

Create beautiful, safe, low-maintenance play areas around your home. Artificial Grass is hypoallergenic, static resistant, and soft to fall on. Any space that’s going to be used as a play area for children needs to fit specific criteria. Traditional outdoor surfaces such as mulch, wood chips, and even natural grass can be impractical or unsafe in a playground environment. That’s why installing artificial grass in children’s play areas and playgrounds has become such a popular natural grass alternative for Texas parents.

When it comes to ground covers for playgrounds and play areas, the top consideration should always be safety. Artificial grass can provide a safe surface for children to play on. Artificial grass for schools not only looks attractive but is also low maintenance and able to withstand prolonged and excessive use. On top of this, our backyard playground turf is long-lasting and cost-effective, as well as safe in the event of trips and falls.

Artificial Grass Playgrounds & Play Areas

The safety of your children is of the utmost importance. It is important to be sure that the playgrounds and recreational areas they are playing on are safe. When children play, accidents, such as falls, do happen. When children fall on playground turf laid by Plano Turf Installers, you know that they are as safe as possible.
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What are the Benefits of Playground Turf?

Artificial grass for your Texas home’s backyard playground will improve child-safety when they run and play in your yard and provide a number of benefits. Using our superior turf products we design and install your artificial grass to perfection. No detail is left out.
Soft & Durable Surface

Soft & Durable Surface

There's a new ground cover for your children’s play areas in town! Artificial turf for children’s play areas is a great replacement for natural grass. It provides a permanent, soft, and durable surface that absorbs the impact from children’s inevitable falls. No more cuts and bruises while playing. Faux grass is soft to the touch and easy on the skin.

Clean & Mud-Free

Clean & Mud-Free

Accessible, colorful playgrounds are great but they often have mud and dirt, which children inevitably find and thoroughly explore. This wreaks havoc on children's clothes and shoes, and tests your patience. The best solution is to install a thick, durable turf that can handle all of the fun and play that your kid’s can throw at it while remaining clean and mud-free!

100% Safe for Kids

100% Safe for Kids

Have you had problems with your kids playing on the lawn? If so, consider installing backyard playground turf. This way they can play outside while remaining safe and clean. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about them damaging the grass anymore, as artificial grass lasts around 15 - 25+ years!



If you're looking for a great place for your children to run and play, artificial turf is the way to go. It's soft and smooth, and it's also hypoallergenic. That means that people with allergies won't be bothered by grass or pollen! Kids love playing on artificial turf because it's softer than real grass, and safer too.

Eliminates Chemicals

Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

With an artificial play area you no longer have to worry about children being exposed to the harmful chemicals in fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides that are often used to grow and maintain natural grass lawns. Not having to spend your time applying these chemicals, means you’ll have more time to spend with your little ones.

Playground Turf is Low Maintenance


Growing and maintaining a natural grass lawn involves a lot of work like mowing, watering, treating, edging, re-seeding, and more. NOT with artificial grass! Our turf products require little to no maintenance once properly installed. Spraying with a hose and using a stiff bristled broom to fluff the turf fibers is pretty much all that’s required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we hear regarding artificial grass playgrounds and play areas.

Do I Need a Safety Pad Under Playground Turf?

We’ve installed Playground Turf for dozens upon dozens of customers throughout Texas, and none of them have chosen to add the optional foam padding that so many turf companies boast about. Our high-quality artificial grass products combined with our rounded silica sand infill produce an artificial grass play area ground cover that’s soft and safe enough for children to play on worry-free. Our play area surfaces provide children with enough protection from falls while avoiding the sky-high prices that come with the foam padding.

Will My Dog Damage or Destroy Play Area Turf?

No. The brown spots or destroyed areas that you are accustomed to seeing with natural grass will be a thing of the past with synthetic turf. Our artificial grass will provide the perfect space for both kids and pets to run and play. You won’t even have to worry about cleaning muddy footprints or paw-prints from the floors or furniture. Our heavy-duty pet turf will stand up to even the toughest pups.

How Much Does Artificial Playground Turf Cost?

The final cost of your artificial grass play area will depend on a number of factors. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $8 – $15 per square foot to install artificial grass. Installation costs are influenced by:

  • Total sq. ft. of installation
  • Type of artificial turf used
  • Type of Infill used
  • Amount of Site Preparation that’s required
  • Extras like Foam Padding or Bender Board

Why Should I Choose Plano Turf Installers?

Plano Turf Installers is a locally owned and independent artificial grass company. The synthetic grass products we use have been independently lab-tested and engineered to ensure that you receive the highest quality, best-performing artificial turf products in the industry. Additionally, our artificial turf installation crews are the best around.

How Long Does it Take to Install Playground Turf?

This depends on the size of the installation and how much preparation is necessary to get the area ready for installation. To get a more specific timeline, please Contact Us to Request a Free Quote!

How Long Will Artificial Grass Last in Play Areas?

Our turf products have a 15-20 year life expectancy. Our warranty guarantees that it won’t fade or fall apart and that it will look great for years to come!

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