Find out why Plano Turf Installers is the go-to artificial grass company for commercial turf applications in Plano, TX.
Architects-Builders & Contractors

Architects, Builders & Contractors

Consider the synthetic turf solutions we provide for your landscaping needs. Our affordable and high-quality products will not only save you time, and money, but also create a green environment that your clients will love!
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Architects-Builders & Contractors
Office Buildings

Office Buildings & Other Commercial Properties

The versatility of artificial grass means that you can take advantage of its countless benefits to enhance the interior or exterior of your office building.
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Sports Fields & Gyms

Sports Fields & Gyms

Synthetic grass is a great alternative to traditional ground covers for all sorts of sports and recreational area. Its an eco-friendly and durable material that functions great both indoors and outdoors!
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Sports Fields & Gyms
Vets-Animal Shelters & Kennels

Vets, Animal Shelters, Kennels & Pet Care Facilities

Artificial grass is perfect for veterinarians, doggy daycares, boarding facilities, or anywhere else that pets are housed. This eco-friendly ground cover is extremely durable and can withstand heavy abuse from dogs and humans alike.
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Apartments & Condos

Apartments & Condos

Transform any space at your apartment building or condo complex into a green oasis with artificial grass! You’ll not only improve curb appeal, but you’ll drastically reduce maintenance costs which means a quicker ROI!
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Apartments & Condos

Rooftop Terraces, Patio Areas, Balconies & Outdoor Living Spaces

Does your commercial property have a rooftop terrace or balcony that’s underutilized? We have the perfect solution in artificial grass. Our high-quality turf products can cater to any application, from casual socializing areas to athletic courts.
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Schools & Playgrounds

Schools, Playgrounds & Day Care Facilities

The growth of artificial grass for playgrounds has been fueled by its safety, durability and aesthetic qualities. It is important to maintain child-friendly play areas to keep them safe from injury or any other harmful elements that may be present in the environment such as allergens like pollen.
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Schools & Playgrounds

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