Turf Drainage

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How Does Fake Grass Drain Liquids Like Water & Pet Urine?

Artificial grass drainage systems are primarily designed to allow water to percolate through the backing of the turf and drain through the base layer into the water table. With the exception of putting greens, the most common artificial grass backing is “hole-punched” or perforated. For years, artificial grass manufacturers have punched holes into the backing of turf for drainage.

Artificial lawns require infill to help keep the turf stabilized, with silica sand infill being the most widely used infill option. As the turf ages and is subjected to rain, wind, and other inclement weather, particles of the sand can work their way into the drainage holes and prevent drainage. In addition to blockage, homeowners have had problems with weeds growing up through the drainage holes.

The other type of backing is 100% permeable or non-perforated that’s commonly used in pet turf applications or areas where maximum drainage is required. If the synthetic turf product does not allow substances to quickly pass through the material and into the base, bacteria can build up causing unpleasant odors.

Fully Permeable Backing

100% Permeable Turf Drainage — Non-Perforated Backing

A non-perforated or fully permeable backing is the best type of turf drainage for pet-friendly applications. The entire backing of the turf is permeable, allowing water and pet urine to pass through any point in the turf. It’s also sometimes referred to as edge-to-edge drainage.
Fully Permeable Backing
Hole Punch Turf Backing

Hole-Punch Turf Drainage — Perforated Backing

A perforated or hole-punch backing is the most common type of drainage found on turf products. It consists of holes that are spaced 4” - 6” apart. It’s a reliable and time-tested system for draining liquids from artificial grass. Hole-punch turf backings drain water at a rate of 50 - 300 inches of water per hour.

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